FAO receives $23.7m from Norway to aid crisis response efforts

The Government of Norway has donated $23.7 million to FAO’s Special Fund for Emergency and Rehabilitation Activities (SFERA), which provides flexible contributions to assist with severe humanitarian crises and emergencies. With this donation, FAO aims to reach approximately 600,000 food-insecure people with farming inputs, livestock supplies, fishing inputs, and cash assistance.

FAO receives $23.7m from Norway to aid crisis response effortsThe contribution will prioritize countries and people most in need under Humanitarian Response Plans, and a strategic reserve will respond quickly to sudden onset emergencies. Rein Paulsen, Director of the FAO Office of Emergencies and Resilience, expressed gratitude to the Government of Norway for the contribution, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing smallholder agriculture as a strategic frontline humanitarian response.

In addition to its efforts in Turkiye and the Syrian Arab Republic, Norway has also provided aid to several other countries affected by humanitarian crises. These include Burkina Faso, where conflict and violence have displaced thousands of people and left many more without access to basic necessities; the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where ongoing conflict and displacement have created significant humanitarian needs; and Ethiopia, where drought and other factors have led to food insecurity and displacement.

FAO needs $1.9 billion to assist 48 million people under the 2023 humanitarian appeals, to restore local production, provide access to nutritious food, and facilitate recovery. By focusing on smallholder agriculture and addressing the root causes of food insecurity, FAO is building resilience to future shocks. With support from donors like Norway, FAO can continue its work to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable populations affected by crises and emergencies.